Saturday, August 30, 2008

Olympic champion Nastia Liukin honored with parade

Over a thousand fans lined Parker Road on Saturday morning waiting for gymnastics golden girl and hometown hero Nastia Liukin to appear.

Riding ahead of Miss Liukin was Carly Patterson, who won all-around Olympic gymnastics gold in Athens in 2004.

But it was Miss Liukin whom the girls screamed for, the boys stared at, and the parents photographed.

She's a positive role model, said Tammy Johnson of Allen. Ms. Johnson and her family moved to Texas from New Jersey so her daughter Carly, 8, could train at WOGA.

Carly had to sleep during the nighttime Olympic performances but watched the routines the day after, excited to see her hero Nastia win gold, Ms. Johnson said.

"I think it's really great that what they dream of doing is right in front of their eyes," she said.

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